Patient Participation Group Annual Report

Added on 27 March 2014

Update from Last Years Actions

Below is an update from actions agreed as a result of lasts years patients survey:

  • Introduce an online booking system for appointments - Went live October 2013
  • Introduce an online system for requesting repeat prescriptions - Went live October 2014
  • Add the queue number to the telephone system - not possible with the current telephone system
  • Offer some later evening appointments - Late evening clinics started October 2013
  • Produce a quarterly Newsletter - 1st Newsletter produced in Autumn 2013

Stage one – Developing a Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The Practice has had a PPG for a number of years, albeit quite small. In 2011 the Practice endeavoured to increase the number of patients in the Group by advertising with posters in the surgery waiting rooms, on the Practice website, approaching patients individually at Flu, Midwives and Health Visitor Clinics, Chronic Disease Clinics, sending invitation letters to minority groups, contacting patients who were suggested by the Doctors and Nurses and asking patient’s adhoc when they attended the surgery. The same procedure has been used during the past year although Midwives and Health Visitor clinics are no longer held at the Surgery; the Practice now alos encourages all new patients at their registration appointment to join the group. The group has increased by 16 members in the last year.

The Practice now has 138 members consisting of:

  • 69 who communicate by email
  • 59 who communicate by post
  • 10 who attend meetings in person (face–to-face members)

The Group is made up of the following:

  • Female 89
  • Male 49
  • Under 16 0
  • 17-24 10
  • 25-34 18
  • 35-44 20
  • 45-54 30
  • 55-64 24
  • 65-74 19
  • 75-84 13
  • 85 & Over 4
  • White British 99
  • Indian 3
  • Asian 6
  • Irish 2
  • African 1
  • Caribbean 1
  • Other 4
  • Maltese 1
  • Not Stated 21
  • 39 attend the surgery Regularly
  • 67 attend Occasionally
  • 31 attend Rarely

The Practice will continue to recruit new members to the Group by using the same methods as before, and of course new members are welcome to join at any time by asking at Reception or emailing

The purpose of the PPG is to get patients involved in the decisions about the range and quality of services provided by the Practice and to identify areas for improvement through the use of an annual Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Stage 2 – Agreeing Areas for Improvement

A meeting was held in January 2014 and was attended by the face-to-face members of the PPG. A list was drawn up of possible areas for improvement; this list consisted of issues that had been raised in the last year from patient’s complaints, comments and general suggestions to staff. The members of the PPG were also invited to suggest possible areas for inclusion in the Patient Survey.

The areas discussed were:

  • Appointments
  • Extended Hours Clinics
  • Waiting Time
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Email / Skype Consultations
  • Customer Service
  • Confidentiality
  • Telephone Access
  • Prescription Requests
  • Facilities at the Practice
  • Clinical Care

Emails and letters were sent in late January to the postal and email members of the group asking them to prioritise from the above list and to offer any other suggestions as possible areas to include in this year’s survey.

25 responses were received; 19 by post and 6 by email. It was agreed that the survey questionnaire would be based on the top 4 areas receiving the most votes.

The top 4 areas were:

  • Appointments
  • Facilities at Stubbington Avenue Surgery
  • Opening Hours
  • Clinical Care

Members of the PPG were happy for the Questionnaire to be produced providing the top 4 issues as highlighted by the PPG were included.

Stage 3 – Collating Patients Views through the use of a Survey

The survey was distributed throughout February and March by various methods to try and obtain as many responses as possible; they were posted and emailed to all members of the PPG, distributed by Receptionists to patients when they attended the surgery, copies were left in the waiting room for patients to complete, Doctors and Nurses offered them to Patients after their consultation and members of the admin team approached patients in the waiting room.

The response rate was higher than the previous by 10% year although still disappointingly low with only 252 response received.

Results of the Survey

Facilities at Stubbington Avenue Surgery

Are you happy with the Waiting Room Facilities?

  • 89% yes
  • 11% no

Do you find it easy to access the building?

  • 93% yes
  • 7% no

Do you think the Reception area is adequate?

  • 86% yes
  • 14% no

Do you think the toilet facilities are acceptable?

  • 92% yes
  • 8% no

Other Suggestions

Comments from several patients

  • Reception needs to be made bigger and accessible
  • Waiting Room needs to be bigger
  • Needs updating and modernising to make it more welcoming
  • Not much room when people are waiting
  • Update décor in waiting area
  • Bit cramped Modernised
  • Re-build
  • Sign pointing to the toilet
  • Knock it down or refurbish
  • Automatic door button for disabled patients
  • A Receptionist on the front desk at all times
  • Children’s books to be available
  • Safe area for buggies / wheelchairs
  • Magazines more accessible
  • More Toys - Hanway have a bead table
  • Be made aware when you are likely to be seen - be told if Clinician is running late
  • Hanway Road facilities very good
  • Relocate - join Hanway as one surgery
  • A lift instead of stairs
  • Radio or TV in the waiting room to avoid awkward silence
  • Don’t close at lunchtimes
  • Open the windows when the waiting room is full
  • Cold drink dispenser
  • Be told about the code on the toilet - Hanway Road
  • Reception area made better for confidential discussions
  • Turn the heating down
  • Ramp

It was agreed that the comments did not correlate to the results above and that it was a priority for improvement


If you need to see a Doctor urgently can you normally get an appointment for the same day?

  • 55% yes
  • 13% no
  • 32% sometimes

Are you usually able to book a routine appointment with a GP up to 3 weeks in advance?

  • 70% yes
  • 12% no
  • 18% sometimes

Are you usually able to book an appointment with the Practice Nurse easily when you want one?

  • 75% yes
  • 7% no
  • 18% sometimes

Are you usually able to book a telephone consultation at a time that is convenient to you?

  • 66% yes
  • 12% no
  • 22% sometimes

Are you usually informed by the Receptionist if the Go or Nurse is running late?

  • 58% yes
  • 27% no
  • 15% sometime

Did you know you are now able to book GP routine appointments and Phlebotomy appointments online?

  • 37% yes
  • 63% no

Would you like the option of having a consultation by Email or Skype if it became available?

  • 36% yes
  • 64% no

Would you like the option of receiving text reminders for appointments?

  • 79% yes
  • 21% no

Clinical Care

Thinking of when you have a consultation with a GP at the Practice how would you rate the following?
How thoroughly did the Doctor ask about your symptoms?

  • 97% good / very good or excellent
  • 3% poor or fair

How well does the GP listen to what you have to say?

  • 95% good / very good or excellent
  • 5% poor or fair

How well does the GP put you at ease during a physical examination?

  • 93% good / very good or excellent
  • 7% poor or fair

How much does the GP involve you in decisions about your care?

  • 95% good / very good or excellent
  • 5% poor or fair

How well does the GP explain the treatment needed?

  • 95% good / very good or excellent
  • 5% poor or fair

Does the Doctor display care and concern for you?

  • 95% good / very good or excellent
  • 5% poor or fair

The time the GP spends with you:

  • 88%
  • 12% poor or fair

Thinking of when you see a Nurse or HCA at the Practice how would you rate the following?

Do you feel the Nurse / HCA has the necessary knowledge to answer any queries you may have about your condition/treatment?

  • 90% good / very good or excellent
  • 10% poor or fair

How well does the Nurse / HCA listen to what you have to say?

  • 93% good / very good or excellent
  • 7% poor or bad

How would you rate the quality of care provided?

  • 94% good / very good or excellent
  • 6% poor or fair

How well does the Nurse put you at ease during a physical examination?

  • 94% good / very good or excellent
  • 6% poor or fair

Opening Hours

Are you happy with the Surgery Opening Hours?

  • 87% yes
  • 13% no

Of the patients that said they were not happy with the opening hours:

  • 55% said they would like the surgery to open earlier in the morning
  • 73% said they would like the surgery to open later in the evening
  • 86% said they would like to access the surgery more at weekends

Overall Satisfaction

In general how satisfied are you with the care you get at the surgery?

  • 98% satisfied or very satisfied
  • 2% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied

Would you recommend the surgery to Family & Friends?

  • 86% yes
  • 12% might or not sure
  • 2% no or don’t know

Comments / Suggestions


  • Wish you could be told what number you are in the queue on the telephone
  • Waiting time to have telephone called answered in the morning only to find no appointments left. It has sometimes taken 3 days and 6 calls to get an appointment
  • Takes a long time to get through on the phone
  • Open telephone lines earlier
  • I have sometimes found it difficult to get through to the surgery
  • Very difficult to get through on the phone to get an appointment


  • Have to wait 10 - 20 minutes to be called-in for appointment
  • I have found it hard to get an appointment lately
  • Have needed to make an appointment for my son after school but needed to phone at 12p.m. which is no good for me as I start work then
  • Sometimes I find that it is impossible to get an appointment to see a GP. You can’t make an appointment beforehand as you don’t know when your not gonna be unwell!
  • Being able to see the same doctor throughout your medical needs - new diagnosis to follow through
  • Longer waiting time for appointments at Stubbington Avenue but Hanway is further to travel
  • Being able to book a PM appointment in the morning would be useful
  • Flexibility of attending either Practices so more availability and choice
  • Would like more frequent contraceptive clinics
  • Why can’t we be offered appointments at either surgery?
  • Don’t like having to book a routine appointment on a Tuesday at 2 p.m. as I am at work that time - I would like to be able to book an appointment at anytime
  • Is there a link on the Practice website for booking online appointments?
  • I find it difficult of getting an appointment with a GP of my choice
  • Having a busy lifestyle I find it frustrating having to wait an hour for my supposed appointment
  • It would be more helpful if you did not have to call after 12 for an afternoon appointment as it is difficult if you are at work

Customer Service

  • Find some Receptionists rude - one gave inaccurate information over the telephone about test results
  • Very good surgery - everyone does a good job
  • Very good service most of the time
  • More than happy with the service at this surgery
  • This is a very good doctors surgery; I was with this surgery when I was younger and I moved away and had another Doctors in Cosham - now back with this Doctor and really happy
  • Good, clean and people listen
  • Very happy with the service provided
  • Would love to see Bev more at Stubbington Avenue Surgery- she is always happy to help and cheerful which makes you feel better
  • Always pleasant to see Bev at Stubbington Avenue as she is always polite and cheerful
  • I am happy with the surgery
  • Staff all lovely
  • Some receptionists a bit abrupt
  • Nurse Ann is the best Nurse
  • I have always been treated with the utmost respect
  • It is a good practice in general
  • Reception staff are excellent, always happy to help, give proper eye contact and a ready smile
  • Doctors are lovely
  • Doctors very good
  • From receptionists thru to Doctors, I have always received the most excellent care
  • Staff / Doctors very knowledgeable
  • Have received excellent care from Doctors, Nurses and help from Receptionists
  • An Excellent all round service from all receptionists, doctors & nurses who always seem to be very busy but always have time for you
  • I am always extremely happy with Dr Morris and Dr Lookit, they deliver excellent care to me and my 2 children
  • Doctors, Nurse and Staff at the surgery are very caring and helpful - thank you
  • Dr Lookit is an exceptional Doctor- fantastic care & attention to both adults and children
  • I am worried that after September I will not be able to tick the excellent box relating to the doctors consultation
  • I always receive excellent sympathetic service from EVERYONE I have contact with at the surgery

General Comments / Suggestions

  • Would help if any signer / communicator for the deaf at present British Sign Language to communicate with Doctors / Nurses
  • Would like more blood tests taken during appointments
  • Not having to declare condition / symptom to a receptionist. Better Doctors that do not diagnose dietary issues when the issue is in fact a terminal illness. Less waiting time on phone when trying to get an appointment. Not having to wait for a prescription because the repeat one was lost.
  • On the few occasions me / family are ill at the weekend it would be more convenient to be able to access own doctors more easily
  • Stagger hours so that 1 GP is available at lunchtime
  • Less mistakes with repeat prescriptions

Stage 4 – Discussing the Survey Findings with the PPG and Agree an Action Plan to Implement Changes

A meeting took place on 12th March 2014 with the face-to face members of the PPG and a copy of the survey distributed to all PPG Members for comment.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the findings of the Annual Patient Satisfaction Survey and agree an Action Plan with the Patient Participation Group (PPG).

252 responses received

  • 5 post
  • 5 email
  • 242 in person

The Patient Group felt that generally the Survey results were very positive.

Actions Agreed

The following actions were put forward by the PPG

  1. Refurbish Stubbington Avenue – work to commence summer 2014
  2. Install a baby Change Unit in the toilet at Stubbington Avenue – as above
  3. Have a magnetic board as used in hospital with the Doctors / Nurses name which can be updated at regular intervals with delay times – look at all options and implement by December 2014
  4. Until the refurbishments are completed at Stubbington Avenue Receptionist to inform patients if the GP or Nurse is running late when they check in for their appointment - immediately
  5. More advertising for Online services – May 2014
    1. Possibly a link on the website
    2. Check the website to see if it explains how to register for the online services
  6. Introduce a Text reminder Service – December 2014
  7. Make it possible for patients to be seen for routine appointments at either surgery - immediately
  8. Look at the way the Practice deals with afternoon appointments requests
  9. Receptionists to be aware of how they speak to patients – patients should expect the same customer service from all members of staff - immediately

All Actions were discussed and agreed at the Practice Meeting on 19th March 2014.

A copy of the Action Plan was emailed/ posted to all members of the PPG for their feedback / comments

All comments / feedback received was positive.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and to the PPG for their input.

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