Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about Hanway Medical Practice by browsing our frequently asked questions.

What are your opening hours?

Both surgeries operate between the hours of:

Monday - Friday: 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Doors close between 1.00 p.m. - 2.00 p.m. on some days
Telephone: 023 9289 4277

Session Doctors Working on a normal week
Monday AM Dr Morris, Dr Gaught, Dr Berry, Dr Lookit, Dr Negro, Dr Parfene
Monday PM Dr Gaught, Dr Berry, Dr Lookit, Dr Negro
Tuesday AM Dr Morris, Dr Berry, Dr Lookit, Dr Negro, Dr Nicholson
Tuesday PM Dr Morris, Dr Lookit, Dr Negro, Dr Nicholson
Wednesday AM Dr Gaught, Dr Berry, Dr Lookit, Dr Nicholson
Wednesday PM Dr Berry, Dr Lookit, Dr Gaught, Dr Nicholson, Dr Parfene
Thursday AM Dr Morris, Dr Berry, Dr Negro, Dr Nicholson, Dr Parfene
Thursday PM Dr Morris, Dr Berry, Dr Negro, Dr Nicholson, Dr Parfene
Friday AM Dr Morris, Dr Gaught, Dr Berry, Dr Lookit, Dr Negro, Dr Parfene
Friday PM Dr Morris, Dr Berry, Dr Lookit, Dr Negro, Dr Parfene

These clinic times may be subject to change.

Why do you keep information about me?

Your doctor and other health professionals caring for you keep records about your health and any treatment and care you receive from the NHS.

These records help ensure that you receive the best possible care from us.

They may be written down or held on a computer. The records may include:

  • Basic details about you, such as address and next of kin
  • Contacts we have had with you, such as consultation details
  • Notes and reports about your health and any treatment and care you need
  • Details and records about the treatment and care you receive
  • Results of investigations, such as x rays and laboratory tests
  • Relevant information from other health professionals, relatives or those who care for you and know you well

If you would like to know more about how we use your information or if, for any reason, you do not wish to have your information used in any of the ways described please make an appointment to speak to the Practice Manager.

How do I inform you of my change of address?

It is important that we have a current up-to-date record of patients' addresses and telephone numbers, particularly if we need to contact you at short notice. Should you change your contact details please inform the Practice by completing a 'change of address' form which is available to download or from reception at the surgery. On this form we require details of your previous address, new address, current contact telephone number and email address. Any additional family members can also be added to this form to update their records.

How do I obtain a sick certificate?

Self-certificate Sickness Forms are accepted by most employers for the first 7 days of an illness and are available from reception or the local pharmacy. The form is to be completed by the patient and handed to the employer on returning to work. It is important to note that should an illness fall over a weekend those days are included within the 7 day period. Any period of sickness extending beyond 7 days requires a medical certificate issued by a Doctor and will necessitate an appointment.

Do you offer home visits?

If you require a home visit because of illness or infirmity please contact the surgery before 10.30 a.m. giving some indication of the problem and as much information as possible so that the visit list can be coordinated appropriately.

We ask that wherever possible you attend the surgery as not only are visits time consuming the surgery is better equipped to examine and treat you. Home Visit requests are passed to the Specialist Nurse who will contact you to ascertain the necessity and/or urgency of the visit.

Home Visits are always prioritised by clinical need. Attending the Surgery will normally mean you will be seen quicker than waiting until the end of surgery for a Home Visit.

Do you carry out target training?

Within Portsmouth we are fortunate to have a dedicated training time allocated to all GP practices. One Wednesday afternoon each month is set-aside for educational seminars and mandatory training for all doctors, nurses and administration staff. During this afternoon closure the Out of Hours Service covers the GP practices for emergency appointments only. Dates of forthcoming closures are available from reception at both surgeries and are also posted in the local paper.

Do you conform to the Freedom of Information Act?

The Freedom of information act became law on the 30th November 2000. The Practice conforms to the requirements of the Act and has produced a publication scheme in accordance with the Act. A copy of the Act is available on the Freedom of Information website.

Do you conform to the Data Protection Act?

All our staff are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctors and Nurses. The Practice is computerised and patients' details are held on computer. We are therefore registered under the Data Protection Act and comply with the working practices of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

For further details please read our Privacy Policies.

Are my records confidential?

Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential.

You may be receiving care from other organisations as well as the NHS (like Social Services). We may need to share some information about you so we can work together for your benefit.

We will only ever use or pass on information about you if others involved in your care have a genuine need for it. We will not disclose your information to third parties without your permission unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as when the health and safety of others is at risk or where the law requires information to be passed on.

Download the 'how we use your health records' leaflet

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from the Doctors or any of the staff working in the practice please let us know. We operate a practice complaints procedure as part of a NHS strategy.

How to complain

We endeavour to resolve all complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible, ideally at the time it arises and with the person concerned. If your complaint cannot be sorted out in this way and you wish to take formal steps we would like you to inform us as soon as possible as this will enable us to establish what happened more easily. If it is not possible to do this please let us have the details of your complaint in writing, orally or electronically. Complaints should be addressed to Practice Manager. Alternatively, you may ask for an appointment with the Practice Manager in order to discuss your concerns. She will explain the complaints procedure to you and will make sure that your concerns are dealt with promptly. It will be a great help if you are as specific as possible about your complaint.

What we shall do

We shall acknowledge your complaint within three working days and aim to have looked into your complaint within ten working days of the date you raised it with us. We shall then be in a position to offer you an explanation or a meeting with the people involved.

Complaining on behalf of someone else

Please note that we maintain strict medical confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else we have to know that you have his or her permission to do so. An official letter signed by the person concerned will be needed, unless they are incapable (because of illness) to provide this.

Complaining to the Health Authority

We hope that if you have a problem you will use our practice complaints procedure. We believe this will give us the best chance of putting right whatever has gone wrong and an opportunity to improve our practice. This does not affect your right to approach the Local Health Authority, if you feel you cannot raise your complaint with us or you are dissatisfied with the result of our investigation. You should contact:

NHS England
Telephone: 0300 311 2233
Address: NHS Commissioning Board
PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT

Or you are dissatisfied with the result of our investigation. You should contact the Health Service Ombudsman, their website for more information is

What is a Summary Care Record?

Introduction to Summary Care Records

Today, records are kept in all the places where you receive care. These places can usually only share information from your records by letter, email, fax or phone. At times, this can slow down treatment and sometimes information can be hard to access.

We are introducing Summary Care Records to improve the safety and quality of patient care. Because the Summary Care Record is an electronic record it will give healthcare staff faster, easier
access to essential information about you, to help provide you with safe treatment when you need care in an emergency or when your GP practice is closed.

We are telling you about this before a Summary Care Record is made for you, so that you have time to think about your choices.

You can choose to have a Summary Care Record:
You do not need to do anything. This will happen automatically. Healthcare staff will ask your permission every time they look at your Summary Care Record.

You can choose not to have a Summary Care Record:
If you don’t want a Summary Care Record, you need to let your GP practice know by filling in and returning an opt-out form.

For more details visit the HSCIS website.

Can I opt out of having a Summary Care Record?

What are my choices?

  • You can choose to have a Summary Care Record:
    You do not need to do anything. This will happen automatically.
  • You can choose not to have a Summary Care Record:
    You need to let your GP practice know by filling in and returning an opt-out form.

You can change your mind at any time

  • If you choose not to have a Summary Care Record but then change your mind later we can still make one for you. You need to let your GP practice know.
  • If you choose after we have made your Summary Care Record that you do not want it, you need to tell your GP practice. We will make sure that healthcare staff who try to look at your
    Summary Care Record will not be able to. We will only make your record available again if whoever wants to see it asks in writing and investigation has found it necessary.
  • You can ask to have your record deleted, but that may not be possible if the record has already been used to give you care.

Do children have a Summary Care Record?

Children will automatically have a Summary Care Record made for them.

If you do not want your child to have a Summary Care Record you will need to fill in an opt-out form on behalf of your child and return it to your child’s GP practice. In some circumstances your GP may feel it is in your child’s best interests to have a Summary Care Record. For example, if your child has a serious allergy that healthcare staff treating your child should know about.

How and why do you keep information about me and how can I choose who sees it?

Why do we collect information about you?
In order to support your care, health professionals maintain records about you.  We take great care to ensure your information is kept securely, that it is up to date, it is accurate and used appropriately. All of our Practice staff are fully trained to understand their legal and professional obligations to protect your information and will only look at your information if they need to.  They will only look at what they need to in order to do things like book you an appointment, give general health advice, provide you with care and if necessary refer you on to other services.

What information do we hold about you?

  • Your age, contact details and next of kin
  • Details of your appointments, clinic visits etc.
  • Records about your health, illness, treatment and care
  • Results of investigations, like laboratory tests, x-rays, etc.
  • Information from other health professionals

When is your information shared?
We will only use or pass on information about you to other health professionals to support your care.  If we feel that it is in your best interests to share your information with someone else e.g. Social Care or a Voluntary Organisation that could support you we will ask your permission to do so.  Everyone who has access to your information is required by Law to keep it confidential.  We will not disclose your information to anyone else without your permission unless in exceptional circumstances e.g. a life or death situation.  We are also required by law to share certain information such as the birth of a new baby, infectious diseases that may put you or others at risk or where a Court has decided we must. 

Information held about you may be used to help protect the health of the public and to help us manage the NHS. Information may be used for clinical audit to monitor the quality of the service provided and design new services that fit our local patients health needs.  Your information may be used by NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group in order to ensure appropriate planning of current and future NHS commissioned services, this data will contain no identifiable information.  NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group  will only ever use information that has been anonymised and all identifying information removed.

You have the choice to share or not to share
You can ask for all or some of your information not to be shared outside of the practice. If you decide not to share at all this will not affect your entitlement to care. However, it may result in the delivery of your care being less efficient as other health professionals will not see your full medical history. If you have any concerns about how your information is shared or held, please contact the Practice Manager.

How your records are stored
Our practice uses an electronic clinical records programme called SystmOne which is where all of your information will be stored unless we hold paper records about you which will remain on paper.  Because other GP’s in Portsmouth and Solent NHS Trust use SystmOne too it means we can share information electronically and securely about your care to support you more effectively.

Other services that use SystmOne will ask your permission to see your information when they first see you.

Access to your health information
You have a right to access or view information the practice holds about you, and to have it amended or removed should it be inaccurate. You can make what is called a ‘Subject Access Request’ and we will:

  • describe the information we hold about you
  • tell you why we are holding that information
  • tell you who it might be shared with
  • at your request, provide a copy of the information in an easy to read form

If you would like to make a ‘Subject Access Request’, please contact the Practice Manager.

Can my information be used for any other reason?
The NHS currently uses your information in an anonymous and safe way to:

  • protect the health of the public
  • help us anticipate, plan and provide care
  • audit and monitor the quality of services provided

Information used for these purposes will not identify you but if you would like further details about this, or if you do not want us to use your information in this way, please contact the Practice Manager.

Download Opt-out form
Download Patient Leaflet

Am I registered with a Particular GP?

Names Accountable GP for all Patients

All patients registered at the Practice have a named accountable GP who is responsible for patients overall care at the practice. This does not prevent you from seeing any other GP in the Practice. If you would like to know who your named GP is please contact the surgery. You do not need to take any action but if you wish to discuss it further please contact us.

How do you deal with Violent or Aggressive Patients

The Surgery operates a Zero Tolerance Policy with regards to violence and abuse towards staff and Doctors. The Practice has the right to immediately remove violent and abusive patients from the Practice List in order to safeguard practice staff and other patients and visitors to the Surgery.

How do I Register at the Surgery?

If you wish to join the surgery as a registered patient you will need to live within the PO1, PO2 or PO3 postcode areas (exclusions apply, a map of the Practice Catchment area is displayed in both surgery waiting rooms).

The Health Care Assistant ( HCA), is responsible for new patient registrations and an appointment will be necessary to complete the relevant paperwork. At your appointment the HCA will complete a health questionnaire with you and record your height, weight and blood pressure. We also ask that you bring two types of ID.

Download the following forms and complete as much as you can before your appointment; you will need 1 pack for each family member. Please download all files for each pack.

Adult New Patient Registration Pack

Child New Patient Registration Pack

New Baby Pack

Do you have an out of hours service?

Telephone 111

The Out of Hours service ensures that there are always doctors and nurses on duty whenever the practice is closed - overnight, weekends and bank holidays. They can provide telephone advice, an appointment or a home visit whichever is appropriate.

How can I access my own medical records?

The Data Protection Act 1998 allows you to find out what information about you is held on computer and in certain manual records. This is known as “right of subject access”.

If you want to see them you should make a written request to the Practice Manager. You should also be aware that in certain circumstances your right to see some details in your health records may be limited in your own interest or for other reasons.

You can also have access to your medical records if you have signed up to online services - you will need to register for this service.

How do I request a repeat prescription?

Repeat medications can be requested using the printed copy which comes attached to your prescription. It can be ordered in writing in person, post, fax or online if you have registered for online services we cannot accept requests via the telephone. We require 3 working days (72 hours) to process repeat prescriptions.

What are the patients responsibilities?

  • To treat all members of the Practice Team with curtesy and respect
  • To act on advice and take medication as prescribed
  • Inform the Practice if you change your name, address or telephone number
  • Be punctual for appointments
  • Cancel unwanted appointments
  • Only request a Home Visit if you are medically unable to come to the surgery
  • Order prescriptions in plenty of time, do not wait for your medication to run out

How can I use your website in an accessible way?

The Practice want to ensure that patients receive information in an accessible way. Please help us to help you by informing us of any specific communication needs you may have so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

To learn more about accessibiliy features of your web browser, select your browser from the list below.

If you would like to learn more about making your computer and websites more accessible, visit the BBC Website - My Web, My Way for more information.

How do you process Anonymised data?

Anonymised data on the use of fit notes is being provided to the HSCIC on behalf of Depatment of Health, and the Department for Work and Pensions.  This will enable the Department for Work and Pensions to undertake research analysis to inform policy relating to employment and sickness absence, including evaluation of Fit for Work.

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