We are delighted that plans to merge Portsdown Group Practice and Hanway Medical Practice have been approved and will now go ahead. Click here for more information.

The Practice is putting measures in place to protect patients’, staff and GP’s from the Coronavirus which means reducing the number of patients attending the surgery in person where possible. This includes offering patients telephone consultations in the first instance and face-to-face appointments where appropriate. Click here for more information

Clinics & Services

At Hanway Medical Practices, our doctors and nurses run a number of medical clinics for the people of Portsmouth.

Asthma and Respiratory Clinic

We have a Practice Nurses who is responsible for the management of our patients with asthma and respiratory lung disease who are happy for you to make an appointment in the Asthma Clinic for a review.

Cervical Smears

The Cervical smear test is a screening test that is offered to all women between the ages of 25-65 years. Depending on your age the test is recommended every 3-5 years.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Clinic

All of our nurses have a responsibility for the management of patients with CHD and are happy to see patients for routine blood pressure reviews.

Diabetic Clinic

Diabetic clinics provide screening for those patients with established diabetes as well as those who have been newly diagnosed.

Doppler Test

A doppler test is a diagnostic test used to assess the arterial blood flow through the lower legs and feet.

Ear Syringing

Ear syringing is not routinely performed, as it can exacerbate wax build up for future episodes as well as increase the risk of infection.

Emergency Clinic

Emergency Clinics are held every day at Hanway Road Surgery for patients registered both at Hanway Road and Stubbington Avenue offering urgent same day access to those patients who are feeling too unwell to wait for a routine appointment.

Emergency Contraception

This service is available via an appointment in the Triage clinic at the surgery, GU Medical at St Mary's Hospital or any local pharmacy.


Immunisation is important for all young babies, children and adults to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Minor Surgery

The surgery offers a clinic for minor surgical procedures such as removal of
ingrowing toenails. These appointments are offered on a Thursday afternoon at Hanway Road surgery and are booked via the Doctors referral

Peak Flow Testing

This is the easiest and most accurate way of diagnosing and monitoring asthma symptoms. It involves blowing into a device to measure the volume of air expelled from the lungs and can be done at any time of the day or night.

Pregnancy Pre/Post Natal

Once Pregnancy has been confirmed an appointment is made with the Health care Assistant.

Spirometry Testing

This is a diagnostic test that helps to give a more accurate diagnosis of whether a patient has asthma or a chronic lung disease. It is also valuable for monitoring how severe a chronic lung condition may be.

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinics are held at Stubbington Avenue Surgery.