Flu Clinics 2017

Added on 08 September 2017

Flu vaccinations will be available at the Practice from the middle of September 2017.

All eligible patient should have received a letter by mid September informing them when they should attend for their vaccination.

Healthy 2 and 3 year old children who are eligible to have the Fluenz Nasal Vaccine   will receive letters in October inviting them to make an appointment to have their Nasal Vaccine.

There are various clinics being held from Saturday 23rd September through to 7th October. Any patient that cannot attend at the time specified in their letter are welcome to attend one of the alternative clinics.

If there are 2 or more people in the household they can attend together even if their letter has given them different dates or times.

Please be aware that patients 16 and under who are in the at-risk catagory will be offered the Flu Injection if they attend before 25th September as the Fluenz Nasal Spray is not available until that date.

Patients that are housebound or live in a care or residential home will be contacted in October to arrange for a Nurse to visit to give the necessary vaccinations.

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